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Bishop Mike Wilson


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Families for Peace Background
Families for Peace is an award-winning organisation that was founded by Gleen Reid who in the year 2000 tragically lost her only son Corey Wayne to gun crime. Families for Peace works holistically in Birmingham to seek peace for families, young people, individuals and communities that have been blighted by violent crime, offering a coordinated package of training services and activities for young people and families that empower and equip them to turn away from crime and integrate them back into society.

Families for Peace – Aim
FFP aims is to inspire, inform, motivate, and transform the mindsets of young people. To help them to accomplish their goals and dreams to become better citizens and positive leaders.

We also seek to restore HOPE to bereaved families to give them a better outlook on life.

What the charity does
Families for Peace offers ILM level 2 and level 3 accredited courses in Leadership and Management. These courses are designed to educate young people on how to become effective leaders within their homes, schools, colleges, work, and communities, empowering them to be positive role models for their peers and society as a whole. 

Who the charity helps
Families for Peace helps families and children who have been bereaved and afflicted by gun and knife crime and gang violence. We also serve our young people who are affected by the constant threat of violence in the areas they live in, including women who have suffered domestic violence while exploring the impact this has on them personally and relationally. When violence against a person is not fatal, it seriously impacts their physiological and social functioning. 

Services to the community will include:
Leadership Training Courses , Counselling Services, Mentoring, Memorial Service