i. To promote for the benefit of the public with a view to the preservation of public order the development of and delivery to young people in Birmingham a coordinated package of services. (both resources and activities) targeting those who are hard to reach, and at high risk of involvement with drugs, gangs, gun and knife crime;

ii. To promote for the benefit of the public in Birmingham and nationally the provision of services to empower families and individual victims of gun and knife crime to overcome tragedy and build peace and reconciliation among disaffected groups and communities, with a view to the preservation of public order, and for the preservation and protection of the well –being of such victims;

iii. To promote for the benefit of the public and to promote good citizenship and greater public participation in the prevention and solution of crime in Birmingham and the United kingdom to bring together local regional and national communities, agencies churches and Para-church organisation, schools, enterprises and governmental organisations to address the physical, cultural, economic, social and moral development of the communities concerned;

iv. The promotion of equality and diversity for the public benefit by:

a) the advancing of education and raising awareness of the interest of all members of the community in the regeneration process whilst remaining independent of Statutory and non-community agencies;

b) developing and promoting activities to foster understanding and a shared vision between members of the regeneration communities;

c) conducting, commissioning or facilitating research, sharing of information, ideas and best practice between local organisations and promoting the formation of local community-led partnerships;

v. To act as a resource for local people and organisations to become more effective participants in the regeneration of their local communities through:

a) by providing advice and assistant and organising programmes of education, training, IT support, services to parents, children and senior citizens for members of their local community;

b) by advancing the development of strategies to meet the needs of the local community in partnership with public, voluntary, community and private sector organisations;

c) by promoting the representation of the local community in local development initiatives and implementing suitable projects.